Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week 10

Well I just wrapped up week 10 and there's nothing much new to report - except I lost another 2 lbs. Sometimes the scale is not our friend. The scale shows I lost two pounds, yet suddenly, a size 12 pair of jeans that were too tight last week, suddenly fit. When we are adding muscle and or losing body fat, the scale can register the same number or even a higher number. That's because muscle weighs more than fat. Below are my before and after photos. The after photo is me now. I want to call it a during photo, because I still want to lose about 45 more pounds.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. What a great way to wrap up your week 10! This is a good progress. There’s nothing that can really beat a good workout routine. Just continue having a positive spirit, and there’s no doubt that you can lose 45 more pounds. Keep it up!
    -- Marty, Utah Wellness Institute