Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Than Halfway There

I've been on my weight loss program for exactly six months and I lost 40 lbs. I want to lose another 30 lbs, which will put me at 120 lbs.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

Nothing worse than a Saint Patty's day I can't really celebrate. At least I can't enjoy corned beef and cabbage (the corned beef is not on the plan). And what's a Saint Patty's Day without beer? It's a bit tough enjoying the festivities without partaking in the treats. Worse than Easter without Cadbury Eggs. What helps me resist temptation is knowing at the end of the rainbow is a better body.

Week 10

Well I just wrapped up week 10 and there's nothing much new to report - except I lost another 2 lbs. Sometimes the scale is not our friend. The scale shows I lost two pounds, yet suddenly, a size 12 pair of jeans that were too tight last week, suddenly fit. When we are adding muscle and or losing body fat, the scale can register the same number or even a higher number. That's because muscle weighs more than fat. Below are my before and after photos. The after photo is me now. I want to call it a during photo, because I still want to lose about 45 more pounds.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 9

It's the start of week 9, and I'm proud to announce, I reached the 25 lb mark. Yes, I lost 25 lbs! I'm now at 167 lbs. I still have 50 more pounds to go until I reach my high school weight of 120 lbs!

Last week was difficult to do too much at the gym. I tweaked my back, just bending over to brush my teeth. In spite of that, I still lost 1.5 lbs!

Tomorrow, I'm doing my upper body workout (UBWO) and with that routine are the exercises for my back!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 6

It's almost the end of week 6 and I am pleased to announce I lost a total of 20 lbs! I now weigh 172 and am finding a 50 lb weight loss goal a lot more manageable than a 70 lb goal! In two more weeks, I will be posting new photos to show my progress.

I am mostly hitting level 10 in my workouts. Some days are better than others, but I find I have a lot more energy, due to my diet and cleansing. The cleansing program recommends we do a cleanse twice a month. On weeks I don't cleanse, I miss it.

As it's always been for me, my legs are my strongest part of my body (and where most of my weight is concentrated). I increase the weights almost every other time I work out. The hip abduction (exercises the outer thigh) I'm doing 125 lbs. The hip adduction (inner thigh) I'm doing 100 lbs. I love the leg press, because it gives me a complete leg workout at a 90 lb setting.

My arms and shoulders still need a lot of work. I'm mostly lifting 35 to 40 lbs on most exercises. I did feel better when I reached for an item and a friend told me I'm getting "guns".
How To: Hip Abductions with Scott Herman Fitness www.scotthermanfitness.com

How To: Hip Adductions with Scott Herman Fitness www.scotthermanfitness.com